About us - FishDryPack

FishDryPack® - waterproof backpacks and bags for everyone

Are you planning a trip to the mountains, to the forest, in rainy weather? Are you a lover of water sports, tourism full of challenges and unexpected weather conditions? If so, the FishDryPack® range will meet all your expectations. Waterproof, strong, comfortable backpacks, thanks to the special welding material are fully waterproof and can float on the water.

Thanks to the specially designed back bracing and contoured braces, they are comfortable to wear even during long trips. The kidney bag with an additional waterproof and functional foil will keep your phone safe from getting wet even after falling into the water. Duffle bag thanks to the same technical solutions as in waterproof backpacks, will allow you to protect your luggage against even the most extreme weather conditions.

FishDryPack® watertight products are not only effective and convenient to use, but also extremely aesthetic. The wide range of colors of our waterproof bags, backpacks and kidneys makes sure that they will appeal to both those who like to stand out and those who value minimalism.

FishDryPack® products are available in partner stores throughout Poland and in our official online store. You will find out for yourself about their reliability.